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New international orders worth tens of millions of Euros, a financial year that will close with a 50% increase compared to the turnover of 2022, a decisive push on recruitment that in the first months of the year will increase the number of employees by almost a quarter compared to the present.

The first year within the HTI Group closes for Troyer with important results, but even more significant are the prospects for 2024. A season that sees the South Tyrolean company further consolidating its position among the most solid companies in the hydropower sector on a global scale. Founded in 1934, Troyer in fact boasts a clear experience in the production and commercialisation of hydroelectric power plants both in the Italian and international markets.

“Our constantly improving technology, which over the course of ninety years has allowed us to conquer an important role in the hydroelectric market, and the recent awareness of being part of an important group like HTI will allow us to close 2023 with important results,” comment the company’s top management, “but above all we can look to the future with optimism. A future in which clean energy will be even more at the centre of the planet’s focus, and in which Troyer will continue to be one of the sector’s key players”.

The year that is about to end, the first within the HTI Group, which became majority shareholder last February, will see Troyer’s turnover exceed 30 million euros, registering a notable increase compared to the previous season (+50%) and laying the foundations for further development in 2024 in which the South Tyrolean company will see its workforce grow by almost a quarter, opening at least 25 new positions.

While the core markets continue to be the Alpine region (Northern Italy, Austria and Switzerland) where, over the years, hundreds of hydroelectric plants have been built and commissioned – the latest Italian one being built on the Brembo River -, Troyer has recently been awarded numerous international projects that have further broadened the business horizon of the company from Vipiteno.

The most important markets include Nepal, where the Super Chepe hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 9.05 MW is about to be commissioned, and from which a further eight orders for a total turnover of EUR 39 million have been received. Another emerging market is Brazil, where Troyer will build two plants. From the great rivers of Brazil to the ice of Norway, always in the sign of unspoilt nature. In fact, one of the most exciting challenges that the company has recently been involved in is the construction and commissioning of turbines in Norwegian hydroelectric power stations in the remote region of Russvik, just a stone’s throw from the famous Lofoten Islands, while the completion of the Hjertvatn power station is imminent. New development area for Troyer is also Georgia. In Bakvhi, in fact, the company from Vipiteno was awarded with the order for three cascade hydroelectric power stations on the Bakhvistskali River, for a total value of 12 million euro (commissioning between the end of 2024 and the end of 2025). Finally, a record: the ball valve of the Scottish Kilchrenan plant, the largest ever built in Troyer’s history: two metres in height and 30 tonnes in weight.


HTI – The High Technology Industries (HTI) Group is a global player in the areas of ropeways (Leitner, Poma, Bartholet and Agudio), snow groomers, tracked vehicles and vegetation management (Prinoth and Jarraff), snowmaking and dust suppression systems (Demaclenko and Wlp), wind energy (Leitwind), hydroelectric power (Troyer) and digitalised ski resort management (Skadii). The Group ended 2022 with a turnover of EUR 1.301 billion and invested EUR 35 million in research and development in the last season. There are more than 4,300 employees of the HTI Group operating worldwide.

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