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Power plant Saas-Grund

Scope of delivery: delivery, assembly and commissioning of the electromechnical equipment for the hydropower plant.

CustomerTrinkwasserkraftwerk Saas-Grund AG
Turbine typeTwo 2-nozzle Pelton turbines
Total capacity (PEL)555 kW
Set 1 Power (PT)410 kW – Flow rate (Qmax): 90 l/s – Head: 543,00 m
Set 2 Power (PT)145 kW – Flow rate (Qmax): 45 l/s – Head: 385,50 m
KW_Saas_Grund_01 KW_Saas_Grund_04 KW_Saas_Grund_05 KW_Saas_Grund_06 KW_Saas_Grund_07 KW_Saas_Grund_10 KW_Saas_Grund_12 KW_Saas_Grund_14 KW_Saas_Grund_03