Senior manager Maria Luise Troyer with her sons, managing director Fabiano (left) and co-owner Simone Bressan (right).
Norbert Troyer (right) in a technical discussion with regular customers.
On the road to a sustainable future.
We stand for reliability and trust.

What would a company be without its employees? Proud to work for Troyer and happy to be at work: these are the loyal employees of a traditional enterprise, shown here at various moments in the company’s history!

Senior manager Maria Luise has a relaxed relationship to her employees.
Our 2018 interns.
Our loyal employees Gigo, Martin, Edi and Matthias are team players – including in their spare time!
On the company outing: Samuel introduces his colleagues to the archery.

 “Our outstanding service, high technical proficiency and craftsmanship all result in flagship solutions for hydroelectric power generation and local power distribution.”

This mission requires innovative, strategic thinking and the application of the latest technologies. Innovation means constantly improving on what is good. For three generations now we have been planning, building and operating high-quality hydraulic turbines and power plants that repeatedly set new standards in terms of technology and functionality.



We will accompany you on the road to a sustainable future. Thanks to more than 80 years of experience in development and design, we can provide our customers with individual concepts and customized total solutions for safe, sustainable and resource-efficient power generation. Hydroelectric power plants from Troyer: distinctive quality from the catchment right through to the grid connection phase.



Reliability beyond tomorrow. True to this motto, we supply complete electromechanical equipment for hydroelectric power plants: the construction of Pelton, Kaplan and Francis turbines as well as electrical engineering, control and automation systems, plus revitalization and service are the areas in which we have successfully specialized for over 80 years now.

  • Turbines

    In addition to classic Kaplan turbines with a steel or concrete spiral, we also produce S-pipe turbines in various versions as well as Open Pit turbines. We offer both horizontal and vertical-axis Pelton and Francis turbines with a directly coupled generator and double Francis turbines with two runners on one generator.

  • Electrical power systems

    High operating reliability and low maintenance: Troyer has dedicated its know-how and experience to heavy current engineering, from the generator terminals to the transformer connectors. Careful checks and tests in the manufacturing and commissioning processes guarantee the highest quality. We also provide efficient and user-friendly medium voltage switchgear including transformers, with switching cells in SF6 or air-insulated design for integration into power plant control systems and protection concepts.

  • Automation

    Customer-defined concepts for the regulation and control of plant are developed and fully implemented in-house in order to ensure safe and trouble-free operation of the systems and simple, intuitive operation. Our solutions for SCADA and process control systems offer user-friendly interfaces, while the acquisition, display and archiving of process variables and the operation of equipment, alarm and remote control systems are all available in integrated form

  • Hydromechanical equipment

    Troyer AG supplies components for steel constructions for hydraulic engineering such as auxiliary contactors, weirs and closing devices, pipe break valves and screen cleaners produced in-house, just a few of the products that we can install to the highest quality standards.

  • Service & Maintenance

    Full technical support that meets the highest productivity demands: preventive maintenance including annual technical safety inspections and maintenance contracts, extraordinary repairs and prompt delivery of spares, expert advice and improvements, training and technical assistance as well as customized special solutions all help ensure long-term plant performance and reduced downtime.

  • Rehab

    For the partial or complete revitalization of a hydroelectric power plant we aim primarily to increase output, which goes hand-in-hand with the modernization of the plant’s technical components, but also with the careful adaptation of existing installations to changed requirements. Sensitive, carefully detailed planning allows us to carry out improvements on machinery or to modernize control systems to ensure greater reliability and a reduction in downtime.

  • Technical consulting

    Our technical advisory department supports customers in qualifying power plants according to the Green Electricity Law (GSE-FER) for new installations and rehab projects, offering customs-related services (UTF) and grid connection procedures (TICA) as well as taking care of the various activities pre- and post-commissioning of power plants (GAUDI, GSTAT, AEEGSI): our know-how ensures expert advice in all areas.



A brief overview of some of the 540+ systems we have installed between 1934 and today, throughout South Tyrol and the rest of Italy, as well as in Germany, Austria and increasingly in Switzerland, where our subsidiary is located. Troyer AG has also been successfully active in the Ukraine and in Guatemala.

We got to know Troyer AG as a competent and reliable partner. The company offers all-round expertise in the building, restructuring, restoration and revitalization of hydroelectric power equipment, while the staff have outstanding technical experience. Troyer AG reacts promptly and competently to specific client requirements.

Engineer Sarah Usel, project manager ÖBB Infrastruktur AG Bahnsysteme, Vienna, Austria | Work realized: Spullersee power plant

Staff and engineers at Troyer are highly qualified and experienced; naming a project manager in Troyer assures a centralised and orderly process. A sense of pride is present in the highly committed Troyer team. Integration of the control equipment in-house led to a surprisingly fast commissioning. Troyer equipment has fulfilled and exceeded technical requirements.

Rudolf W. Jacobs, CEO Secacao Group (GT) | Realized project: HPP Guayacán

We have from the beginning worked with the long-established Troyer company, which can in particular offer skilled consultation. The fact that Troyer can do everything, from the turbine and the equipping of the distribution cabins right through to the network control system, is a sound basis for the smooth running of the network.

Hubert Brunner, managing director, EUM co-operative, Passeier (BZ) | Work realized: Bergkristall-Stieber power plant

Troyer keeps its word: a family business that offers outstanding quality while still remaining cost-conscious. Spontaneous, honest and very friendly staff make dealing with the project a pleasure, while their consideration and assistance ensure solution-oriented planning and execution – we highly appreciate the work of this dedicated power plant supplier.

Daniel Kressig, overall project manager, Axpo Power AG / Hydroenergie, Baden (CH) Work realized: Tasnan power plant

Troyer è il nostro principale fornitore di turbine da oltre 10 anni. La società è sempre attenta a utilizzare nuove tecnologie nella produzione dei macchinari. Ottima preparazione dei tecnici installatori anche aiutati dal premontaggio in officina che permette tempi di installazione in cantiere minimi e senza bisogno di modificare quanto preparato.

Christopher Morgan, Consigliere Delegato Eusebio Energia, Gallarate (I) | Centrali realizzate: Bessè, Bruni, Frizzi, Gazza, Facchini, Marchesini, Margherita, Selladi

Troyer offers sound, motivated and competent staff! Co-operation with the customer is based on mutual trust and appreciation. This excellent, family-run company is lean, fast and innovative in its actions. Working with Troyer was an enjoyable and exciting experience where personal commitment really paid off.

Rolf Stalder, engineering and project management, ewl energie wasser luzern, Lucerne (CH) | Work realized: Obermatt power plant

Solution-oriented working is always a priority from the bid phase right through to the commissioning of a hydroelectric power plant. Troyer demonstrated that, in addition to “classic turbining”, it is capable of satisfying even the most complex customer requirements for a holistic water management system with various feeders, consumers and machine units.

Jonas Kalbermatten, head of power plants / senior management, Enbag AG | Work realized: Mund power plant