Hydroelectric power is economical and environmentally friendly and, in contrast to other energy sources, it has an excellent environmental record. The high degree of predictability of the energy produced and the long lifetime of the waste and carbon dioxide-free production plants minimize the environmental footprint.

Corporate social responsibility however goes much further. Troyer AG undertakes social, economic and environmental initiatives to ensure:

sustainability in product development


pleasant work-life balance for employees


ethical standards that are also applied by suppliers


protection of the environment and guaranteed quality.


community involvement 


Fair and regional: twice a week the popular South Tyrolean “Biokistl” (organic food delivery) provides healthy snacks. Comfortable relaxation areas mean staff enjoy reinvigorating breaks.


Several of our employees have now switched to electric-powered vehicles. The company headquarters offers a “refuelling” facility and carpooling also helps reduce unnecessary pressure on the environment. As an ISO 14001 certified company, we systematically print on both sides of specially recycled paper, and we separate and recycle our waste.


Our code of ethics ensures implementation of Legislative Decree 231/01 and contains the basic principles of conduct that all employees, customers and suppliers sign up to.


Like his most environmentally conscious employees, owner Stefan Troyer (pictured here) also has a “fair phone”: high-quality components are used to produce a smartphone made from conflict-free raw materials, with attention paid to the welfare of the workers involved in its production


Annual events and excursions for all employees ensure a healthy team spirit and plenty of action. Information about this and our other projects and news appear in the company newsletter “Der Ablenker”, launched in 2013 and published from 2015 at six-monthly intervals.


Troyer AG sponsors numerous local sports clubs, primarily the Broncos ice hockey team, but also cultural associations and events. We support the local tourist offices as well as bodies such as the mountain rescue, the youth service, the White Cross, the volunteer fire service, Südtirol hilft, Caritas and cancer support.


The right to speak out, room for ideas, suggestions and criticism: Idea Management (i.e. our suggestion scheme) is the current buzzword. In 2014 ten suggestions landed in the ideas box, of which seven were implemented or are being implemented (in 2015), while three were rejected following careful consideration.


Biodegradable synthetic lubricants are used and recommended for the lubrication of hydraulic control systems and generator bearings. Components are cleaned using citric acid, with the cleaning staff at Troyer AG also using only natural, sustainable cleaning products for communal office and other areas.